Doctors perform emergency surgery in a BLU-MED Mobile Field Hospital.

Common Problems in Disaster Response Efforts

Reported natural disasters have been on the rise – almost year over year – since the mid-1940s. This increase in occurrence and reports requires the development and innovation of best practices, processes and programs for effective disaster response.

Unfortunately, many governments and agencies are ill equipped to provide the support needed to help a community or region in the aftermath of a natural disaster. Victims are underserved and, in some cases, left without the care they need to recover or even survive. Current disaster response efforts face problems such as normalizing data for effective communication, sharing information between organizations that are disparate or cannot interoperate, and cross-border issues.

Communication challenges are certainly a priority to address, but they are not the only critical issues impairing effective disaster response efforts.

Following the disastrous earthquake in Haiti, two of the most challenging aspects of the response efforts were the scale and infrastructure. These are primary issues that are solved by BLU-MED Response Systems®.

The portable fabric structures are secure and fully equipped for any level of medical treatment and care from 650 up to 65,000 square feet. These mobile disaster response structures are specifically designed to be scalable and completely stocked for all operational and treatment needs.

BLU-MED systems are rapidly deployable, and can be set up and fully operational within 72 hours. They arrive complete with all necessary equipment and infrastructure to support mobile field hospitals, hospital surge capacity, and medical treatment facilities that are needed in disaster relief efforts. From command control centers and patient housing, to triage, intensive care, and even surgery facilities, BLU-MED Response Systems can provide the fullest extent of infrastructure.

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