Disaster Preparedness

We are bombarded by headlines of increasing natural disasters, exorbitant recovery costs, and shown images of millions of people affected by disasters. How are we to move forward with our daily lives without fear while still being prepared if the worst occurs? The answer is disaster preparedness.

Disaster preparedness comes in several forms. Individuals and families can create their own resources by making a plan and creating a kit (shown below). Local and Federal governments also need to create a plan to shelter and protect their citizens. Unfortunately, the idea does not always transfer into reality. National Geographic created a documentary about Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. This video acts as a warning when there is poor planning.

Every individual and city should have a disaster preparedness plan so that when disaster strikes, more people are likely to survive. The stronger the plan, the more quickly and efficiently relief efforts can be initiated.  Shortly after disaster strikes, relief work organizations can establish BLU-MED deployable field hospitals to provide quality care to the survivors.

There are many resources available to individuals and organizations to prepare for the worst. Planning may give you a peace of mind regarding what to do and how to reunite with loved ones after a catastrophic event.

Do you currently have a plan? Will you start one?  Make a comment below and tell us about it.

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