Helicopter inside a BLU-MED fabric structure

Helicopter Hangars for Disaster Response

If your local agency or organization is responsible for disaster response planning and preparation with a helicopter, then you should consider including a helicopter hangar in your disaster response program. These structures help to maintain readiness of the aircraft that are vital for medevac and even victim rescue.

This is particularly true if disaster affects a rural or hard-to-access area, or if there are settings that have a strong possibility of becoming inaccessible in the case of some disaster situations. If the roads to a populous town or community become impassible in the case of flooding or landslides, help to those victims will be delayed – with potentially fatal consequences.

helo-hangar-blu-medAdding a tensile fabric helicopter hangar to your disaster response program is a critical step toward ensuring that any possible need in an emergency situation has been planned for. Helicopters provide critical support to a medical treatment facility, and the highly durable, quick deployment capabilities of a fabric building offer that turnkey approach
required for the fastest response
to a disaster situation.

BLU-MED Response Systems® is a leading company providing highly durable tensile fabric structures that are specifically designed for rapidly deployed medical treatment facilities. BLU-MED’s parent company, Alaska Structures® is a leading manufacturer of fabric aviation hangars for all kind of aircraft, including helicopters. These structures can be designed to any required specifications, accommodate any size of helicopter or other emergency aircraft, and even outlast traditional hangars that would fail in extreme weather.

To request more information about BLU-MED’s rapidly deployable mobile field hospitals, please click here. To request more details about Alaska Structures helicopter hangars for your emergency disaster response system, please click here or call +1-907-344-1565.