Negative Pressure Isolation Facilities for Disease Outbreaks

In the event of an act of bio-terrorism or an outbreak of an infectious airborne disease (like Coronavirus COVID-19), negative pressure isolation facilities are critical systems. They are vital for safely treating infected patients, monitoring quarantined individuals and protecting hospitalized patients and nearby communities from infection.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide guidelines and requirements for Airborne Infection Isolation (AII) in the event of an attack or outbreak. For example, in a Tuberculosis outbreak, AII policies include the following:

  • Controlled environment and visitation
  • Use of disposable respirators by healthcare workers and visitors
  • Patient isolation from other patients and healthcare workers
  • Infected or so suspected patients scheduled for procedures when minimal uninfected individuals are nearby
  • Use of a surgical/procedure mask for suspected/infected patients in transit when others are present
Interior of a BLU-MED Negative Pressure Isolation System with cots and other vital medical equipment.

Interior of a BLU-MED Negative Pressure Isolation System with cots and other vital medical equipment.

BLU-MED Response Systems® provides tensile fabric medical facilities for rapid deployment in emergency situations, as well as stockpiled systems for disaster response planning. Our Negative Pressure Isolation System not only meets the CDC’s Airborne Infection Isolation requirements, it exceeds them.

These systems include negative pressure air scrubbers, germicidal filtration, HEPA filtration and systems to monitor and raise the alarm if there is a risk of leakage. BLU-MED’s isolation facilities are available in a wide range of proven sizes and can be converted for positive-pressure cleaning spaces.

For more information about BLU-MED Response Systems or to order yours today, call us at +1-425-739-2795, email or contact us online.

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