Deployed alternate emergency operation center

Protecting Our Communities with Better Emergency Preparedness

Disaster of any size can have extreme effects on civil and economic stability. The loss of life and cost to treat victims and repair any damage to commercial business can extend for months and even longer, depending on the severity of the disaster’s result.

It is critical that state and local agencies formulate plans for emergency preparedness, to protect and preserve the security of communities in the local and global sectors. According to FEMA, “Smart community leaders are looking to the future to ensure the long-term safety and sustainability of their entire communities. Factors they consider are: economic viability and diversity, job creation and growth, education for residents, crime, traffic, environment and so on.”

State and local governments have State Emergency Response Commissions and Local Emergency Planning Committees in place to protect against and prepare for any chemical accidents. These groups were required after the passing of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act of 1986. They are designed to invoke emergency planning and communicate any potential chemical hazards. However, communities across the nation and the world face far more conceivable disasters than the potential for a chemical spill or leak.

Adequate prevention and response programs for acts of terrorism, epidemics, and natural disasters are vital to the safety and security of our communities. In response to the growing frequency and widespread nature of disasters today, BLU-MED Response Systems® provide improved emergency preparedness and response.

These systems are specifically engineered for rapid deployment, widely versatile applications, and extremely resilient functions. BLU-MED mobile field hospitals and medical treatment centers provide communities with complete support in all possible disaster situations. From temporary housing for displaced victims, to highly specialized treatment such as intensive care and Ebola isolation, these systems deliver effective response in catastrophic events.

With access to BLU-MED’s disaster response stockpile and swift deployment systems, such as RapidSurge™, communities can extend and improve their emergency preparedness plan.

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