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Exterior of Deployed Morgue Medical Shelter
Blu Med deployable morgue beds for mass fatality events
Blu Med deployable morgue bed
Blu Med deployable morgue system for mass fatality events
Diagram of the Deployable Morgue Bag Cooling system

The BLU-MED Deployable Morgue is a mobile morgue shelter system that delivers fast and flexible storage solutions to meet the urgent needs during mass fatality incidents when and where needed.

The portable morgue facility can be rapidly deployed to:

  • Expand existing morgue space
  • Establish a stand-alone morgue facility in support of an incident site
  • Isolate contaminated victims

Proper victim processing and post-mortem investigations can occur during large-scale incidents due to this patented cooling technology. The BLU-MED Deployable Morgue System eliminates the traditional challenge of finding large, refrigerated vehicles or buildings, saving time, space, and money.


  • 650 square feet of holding capacity and workspace
  • Capacity for up to 24 victims
  • Self-contained electrical power and HVAC
  • Modular design allows for easy expansion
  • “Shirt-sleeve” work environment for antemortem data collection
  • Entrance on ground level for easy access

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