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Deployable Morgue Systems

The BLU-MED Deployable Morgue is a mobile morgue shelter system that delivers fast and flexible storage solutions to meet the urgent needs during mass fatality incidents.


The portable morgue facility can be rapidly deployed to:
  • Expand existing morgue space
  • Establish a stand-alone morgue facility in support of an incident site
  • Isolate contaminated victims

Proper victim processing and post-mortem investigations can occur during large-scale incidents due to our patented cooling technology. Like the MERC system (Mortuary Enhanced Remains Cooling System), the patented BLU-MED Cooling System eliminates the traditional challenge of finding large, refrigerated vehicles or buildings, saving both time, space and money.


  • 650 square feet of holding capacity and workspace
  • Capacity for up to 24 victims
  • Self-contained electrical power and HVAC
  • Modular design allows for easy expansion
  • “Shirt-sleeve” work environment for ante-mortem data collection
    Entrance on ground level for easy access