BLU-MED Response Systems® (BLU-MED) custom designs and produces modern medical shelters and field hospitals for commercial, military, and emergency response situations. Our deployable medical facilities are engineered for rapid setup, are easily relocated, and capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions in remote locations. BLU-MED portable medical shelters and mobile field hospitals create a hygienic and safe environment where world-class medical care can be given for extended periods of time.

Deployable medical facilities from BLU-MED Response Systems® can be configured to meet specific levels of medical support for United Nations Peacekeeping Operations, provide military forces with scalable medical solutions for combat support hospital (CSH) requirements, as well as fully equipped field hospitals, surge isolation capacity, and disaster relief shelters for civilian and emergency response agencies.

In addition to state-of-the-art medical facilities, BLU-MED also produces a wide range of hospital support systems and offers many customized healthcare packages, including ruggedized HVAC systems for temperature-controlled field hospitals and portable hospital beds. BLU-MED offers shelter systems for mobile command centers, camps and modular buildings for housing hospital staff, kitchen and dining facilities, laundry systems, as well as warehouses for on-site equipment storage.

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Deployable Field Hospitals

Temperature-controlled deployable field hospitals and medical shelters allow responders to quickly establish fully equipped mobile hospitals when and where needed™. 15-bed hospitals to 100-bed hospitals, and custom mobile field hospitals available.
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Trailer Mounted Mobile Hospitals

Trailer mounted mobile hospitals and medical facilities from BLU-MED are tailored to your medical facility specification. They can be easily transported and rapidly deployed to provide mobile medical care in as little as 10 minutes.
RapidSurge™ Trailer Systems
XP Medical Response Package

Hospital Surge Capacity

One of the most important components of any hospital preparedness plan, rapidly deployable medical facilities increase immediate bed availability with stand-alone structures for hospital surge capacity, patient isolation, and treatment facilities.
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Negative Pressure Isolation Systems

Stop infectious airborne diseases with medical shelters designed with negative-pressure isolation systems (NPIS). Self-contained and climate-controlled, patient isolation and treatment facilities can be rapidly deployed to any location in the world.
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Deployable Morgue System

Patented cooling technology allows for proper cadaver storage, processing, and investigation following a mass-casualty event. The stand-alone deployable morgue from BLU-MED is quickly deployed and utilizes storage racks to hold 24 victims.
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Disaster Response Stockpile

Available for immediate shipment, BLU-MED maintains a stockpile of disaster response facilities, fully equipped field hospitals, medical shelters, trailer mounted hospital systems, as well as modular structures for housing up to 10,000 people.
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Floor Plans & Equipment Packages

BLU-MED medical shelters can be configured to meet specific disaster and healthcare needs. Our medical facilities are used for immunization facilities, laboratories, alternate command-and-control or alternate emergency operation centers (AEOCs).
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Portable Hospital Beds

Durable and easy-to-open, our field hospital beds are a lightweight solution that seamlessly integrate with BLU-MED medical facilities and provide a greater level of comfort than typical hospital cots.
Portable Ward Beds
Acute Care Beds

HVAC Systems for Medical Facilities

The BLU-MED ECU (environmental control unit) is a portable, ruggedized HVAC system for use with our mobile field hospitals and medical shelter systems. The BLU-MED ECU is available in 2.5-ton and 5-ton configurations, as well 50Hz and 60Hz models.
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Power Generation & Distribution Systems

Scalable power generation and distribution systems ensure fully equipped mobile field hospitals and individual medical facilities from BLU-MED have access to a steady and reliable power source for mission critical equipment and life support systems.
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Options for BLU-MED Medical Facilities

Custom design a field hospital or medical shelter system from BLU-MED with a large selection of configurable options, including patient privacy curtains and partitions, reusable containers, carry bags, hygiene facilities, and HEPA filtration systems.
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