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Whether you need a portable medical shelter for administration and supplies, an ICU, an x-ray lab, or room to care for 200 in-patients, BLU-MED’s deployable field hospitals can be configured in a variety of ways.  See some combined hospital configurations (PDF).

See possible floor plans and configurations for other mobile medical facilities:

    • Immunization facility (PDF), with areas for waiting, interviewing, teaching, administration, and immunization.


    • Laboratory (PDF), with autoclave, mass spectrometer, workbench, centrifuge and hood area.


    • Shelter Module 2S (PDF) — 1,500 square feet of mobile shelter space that can be configured in a variety of ways.




To request more information about BLU-MED medical facilities, please fill out our contact form or send an email to If you have an urgent requirement, please call us at +1-425-739-2795.