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An ambulance outside the Blu-Med expansion building
Blu-Med fabric structure deployed as an expansion for hospital surge
Patients rest in the ICU unit of the Blu-med hospital expansion
Exterior of a BLU-MED Hospital Surge expansion
Interior of a Hospital Expansion Intensive Care Unit


In the event of pandemic disease, extreme natural disaster, or large-scale chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, or explosive terrorist attack, the surge of thousands of traumatized, sick and/or contaminated patients would quickly exceed a hospital’s maximum capacity.

BLU-MED Response Systems provides fully-equipped, turnkey mobile medical facilities — including mobile trauma centers, operating rooms, and mobile hospital solutions — for meeting isolation and surge capacity, including mass casualty requirements.

Advantages of Mobile Disaster-Response Medical Facilities:

Provide critical access to medical care when and where needed

BLU-MED Response Systems offers mobile hospital medical facilities, which can quickly be sent to the scene of a disaster or other location. Our disaster-response medical facilities provide a self-contained, climate-controlled, clean environment for practicing advanced-level medical care at the point of need.

Expand hospital capacity on campus to receive, process, treat, and/or redirect a large influx of patients

BLU-MED mobile hospital solutions can be set up rapidly next to a hospital. They are also quickly configured to meet immediate needs and can be reconfigured as needs expand or change. Our deployable hospitals can be used as an emergency rooms, intensive care units, ward spaces or to distribute medicine and pharmaceuticals.

Protect existing healthcare assets and services in the process

BLU-MED’s portable hospital facilities are effective in limiting the risk of infecting or contaminating patients, medical staff, and hospital buildings. These stand-alone facilities are ideal for use as category C isolation units (negative pressure isolation shelters) in biological terrorism events, and for putting aggressive diversion strategies into place.

Can be fully equipped, enabling you to provide advanced medical care

BLU-MED’s disaster-response medical facilities are transported fully equipped with medical supplies and equipment necessary to provide hospital surge support for patient overflow, triage, surgery, and extended care. BLU-MED medical facilities can also be custom-equipped to fit your hospital’s surge capacity needs.

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Why Choose BLU-MED Mobile Hospital Solutions?

Our mobile disaster-response medical facilities are:

RAPIDLY DEPLOYABLE to meet an immediate need in the appropriate location

BLU-MED’s mobile hospital solutions are stored in space-efficient containers, ready to transport, and easy to set up. Four trained people can set up one medical shelter in as little as 30 minutes.

SCALABLE to meet surge fluctuation and changing demand

BLU-MED’s disaster-response medical facilities are modular. They can be easily reconfigured and quickly expanded to create large complexes as demand increases. A structure can be as small as 650 square feet and a complex can be up to 65,000 square feet.

CLIMATE CONTROLLED to ensure a safe health-care and comfortable work environment

BLU-MED portable hospital solutions are climate controlled, ensuring a safe medical environment even in extreme weather conditions, maintaining interior temperatures at a comfortable 65˚F to 75˚F with a five-ton BLU-MED ECU.

DURABLE to remain functional throughout the incident period and beyond

BLU-MED’s disaster-response medical facilities will last for the duration of a long-term event. They are engineered to withstand heavy rain, 100-mph winds, and a snow load of 20 pounds per square foot.


BLU-MED’s mobile hospital solutions are built by Alaska Structures to exacting standards required by the U.S. military. They have been proven in combat operations and in extreme climates around the world.


  • U.S. Air Force Expeditionary Medical Support (EMEDS) program
  • U.S. Army Combat Support Hospitals
  • U.S. Air Force BEAR program
  • U.S. Special Operations Command Joint Bare Base program

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Support Services Offered by BLU-MED:

  • Training and disaster-response exercise services
  • Training-shelter packages available for lease
  • Vendor-managed inventory – We take care of replenishing supplies, maintaining equipment, and repackaging.

BLU-MED Has Proven Its Support Services For:

  • U.S. Air Force
  • U.S. Army
  • U.S. Special Operations Command
  • U.S. Navy
  • U.S. Marine Corps
  • National Guard
  • UK Ministry of Defense
  • United Nations
  • FEMA
  • Red Cross
  • DMAT
  • Air National Guard
  • Northwest FEMA Team (Pierce County Search and Rescue, Wash.)


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To request more information about BLU-MED medical facilities, please fill out our contact form or send us an email. If you have an urgent requirement, please call us at +1-425-739-2795.