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Hard-Wall Operating Room

A new standard in mobile operating room (OR) functionality and aesthetics, the BLU-MED Hard-Wall Operating Room provides surgeons with a clean, lifesaving medical environment they are used to working in. Unlike typical “medical tents” that are susceptible to winds negatively affecting proper airflow, the BLU-MED Hard-Wall Operating Room provides an enclosed space protected from outside forces.

The solid-wall structure is contained within a climate-controlled medical shelter and designed to provide a positive pressure room with a uniform, unidirectional airflow (top-to-bottom, clean-to-dirty). The mobile operating room also includes HEPA and germicidal air filtration for infection prevention.  

The BLU-MED Hard-Wall Operating Room measures 13.17’ long x 12.17’ wide x 7.53’ high and features a bump-through entry door. Compared to medical trailers or expandable containers, the BLU-MED Hard-Wall Operating Room and 20’ x 32.5’ BLU-MED Medical Shelter pack into a much smaller cube for efficient transport and storage. BLU-MED Rotomolded Containers are used to transport the mobile operating room to when and where needed™.

The BLU-MED Hard-Wall Operating Room can be used as stand-alone medical facility, combined with new or existing field hospitals from BLU-MED, or ordered as a retro-fit kit for BLU-MED Medical Shelters.

The anteroom in front of the mobile operating room can be used as a pre-op preparation area, and sterilization and storage of instruments. The area behind the mobile operating room is an idea place for positioning oxygen cylinders, certain supplies, and waste generated by the surgery. 

Key Features of BLU-MED’s Hard-Wall Operating Room

  • Highly mobile, solid-wall structure
  • Dimensions: 13.17’ (4.01 m) long x 12.17’ (3.71 m) wide x 7.53’ (2.3 m) high
  • Climate-controlled, positive pressure
  • HEPA / germicidal air filtration
  • Uniform, unidirectional airflow (top-to-bottom, clean to dirty)
  • Easily transported in BLU-MED Containers
  • Bump-through door main entry

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