Power Generation and Distribution Systems

Many deployed Blu-Med fabric structures connected to Blu-Med mobile hospital power generation systems
Close up view of a power generation system and connections
Power generation system set up outside a Blu-Med mobile field hospital
Mobile hospital power generation system outside a Blu-Med field hospital
Installed power generation systems attached to a Blu-Med mobile field hospital

In the aftermath of a disaster, access to a steady and reliable power source is difficult to secure. BLU-MED solves this problem by providing power generation and distribution systems for individual medical shelters or complete mobile field hospitals.

Scalable and easily expandable, BLU-MED offers a wide array of power generation and distribution systems to ensure mission critical and life support systems remain operational.


  • Single medical shelter up to 12 medical shelters off one generator
  • No tools required for connections
  • US and EU voltage systems available
  • Meets US National Electric Code and International Electric Code



  • 20 kW to 320 kW systems available
  • Trailer mounted systems available
  • Insulated enclosure for quiet operation


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