BLU-MED Response Systems was formed in 2004 as a division of Alaska Structures, Inc.

Having become the shelter of choice for the U.S. Air Force Expeditionary Medical Support (EMEDS) mobile medical system, and the U.S. Army Combat Support Hospital programs, it became apparent that Alaska Structures shelters could also effectively meet emergency medical needs by providing medical shelters and mobile field hospitals in the homeland as well as for humanitarian disaster response worldwide.

Our state-of-the-industry portable fabric shelters and mobile hospitals enable communities and emergency management to rapidly respond to large-scale disasters, providing medical facilities and emergency shelters when and where they are needed. Our mobile hospital solutions ensure a safe, clean environment conducive to advanced-level care in any climate for extended periods of time.

BLU-MED also offers customized packages to outfit the disaster-response medical facility, emergency shelter or emergency response trailer with essential medical equipment and supplies, such as x-ray equipment, ward beds, and intensive care beds, as well as logistics services for arranging shipping and transporting of supplies, equipment, and other goods in response to emergencies and disasters, and technical consulting services regarding the design and implementation of mobile hospital and treatment facilities for use in emergency and disaster response.

Our team represents more than 100 years of collective involvement in developing, organizing, and deploying similar mobile shelter solutions with the U.S. military.


Alaska Structures has designed, engineered, tested, produced and certified the world's finest fabric structures since 1975. With several offices around the world, Alaska Structures continues to advance the industry it helped create.

The rugged Alaska environment was pivotal to our success, becoming the testing arena for advanced structures that can tolerate extreme heat and cold, high wind and heavy snow loads. They provide comfort and dependability from the desert heat of the Saudi desert to the ice flows of Mt. McKinley.

Our unique fabric structures are modular by design, to be configurable for your hospital or shelter needs.  Our shelters are stronger, safer, more comfortable, easier and more economical to mobilize than any other structure, fabric or conventional. Though portable, they can also be used for permanent facilities. Our designs are easily adaptable to military, commercial, institutional, recreational or general public applications. Alaska Structures sets the standard for mobilizing in remote, rugged locations.


Our structures are used for nearly every building application in every part of the world. That includes UN disaster relief facilities, military facilities, aviation hangars, convention centers, medical complexes, warehouses, mining and manufacturing facilities, film locations, theaters, incarceration complexes, housing, retail outlets, hotels, as well as many other applications large or small, remote or otherwise.

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