BLU-MED Negative Pressure Isolation System used by Utah Health for Coronavirus COVID-19

University of Utah Hospital Using BLU-MED Medical Shelters with Negative Pressure Isolation Systems for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

BLU-MED Negative Pressure Isolation System used by Utah Health for Coronavirus COVID-19
BLU-MED Negative Pressure Isolation System used by the University of Utah Health for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Salt Lake City – As of Monday, March 9, only two individuals in Utah have tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19). The University of Utah Health is being proactive and establishing areas for the containment and treatment of patients infected with coronavirus outside of the hospital by setting up medical shelters equipped with negative pressure isolation systems.

According to Kathy Wilets, spokeswoman for Utah’s health care system, “The negative-pressure tents erected beside the hospital are a sign of the hospital’s “readiness.” We needed to demonstrate what we are doing to be prepared in the event of an outbreak. So, we created an area where our doctors and nurses could triage patients safely.”

Three BLU-MED medical shelter systems were installed this past Saturday (March 7). Those suspecting they have the coronavirus are encouraged to call the health care system or their provider. Upon which, they will be directed to the medical isolation shelters outside of the hospital or to the parking lot of the urgent care center, where doctors will meet them and perform coronavirus testing from the confines of their vehicle.

The goal is to reduce the exposure of hospital staff and patients, prepare for the potential influx of infected patients, and establish patient isolation facilities to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Should a coronavirus outbreak occur, the University of Utah Health has an additional patient isolation unit from BLU-MED.

If you exhibit flu-like symptoms, including fever, cough, or shortness of breath, Wilets asks you, “call your primary care provider first before going to the emergency room.”

BLU-MED Response Systems® (BLU-MED) is the world’s leading provider of medical shelter systems and mobile field hospitals. Our medical shelters allow government agencies (of all levels; federal, state, county, city, and local municipality), hospitals, healthcare facilities, emergency management and response agencies, and aid organizations the ability to quickly establish advanced-level care facilities …when and where needed™.

BLU-MED medical shelters can be equipped with Negative Pressure Isolation Systems (NPIS) and used to create facilities outside of the main hospital or urgent care facilities for the screening, containment, and treatment of patients infected with the coronavirus (COVID-19). The NPIS includes an air scrubber with HEPA and UV germicidal filtration to remove 99.984% of particulates 0.3 microns or greater in size. The entire medical isolation shelter can be set up in 30 minutes by a trained crew of 6 people and converted to a positive pressure clean room if needed.

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