Aftermath of Earthquakes in Chile and Solomon Islands

We all followed the news as disaster struck Chile and Solomon Islands. However, due to the other recent events, including almost 150 earthquakes in Oklahoma in one month, and crimes including a mass stabbing at a Pennsylvania high school, the current status of Chile and Solomon Island may have been overlooked.

Chile’s 8.2 earthquake on Tuesday, April 1, 2014 killed 6 men and women and enabled 300 female prisoners to escape from prison. Of the 300 escaped prisoners, only 24 prisoners have been recaptured. Immediately after the earthquake, evacuation alarms sounded due to a tsunami warning. Since then there have been 18 aftershock earthquakes above 5.0 magnitude. Despite these earthquakes, there have been minimal repercussions. Tsunami alerts were cancelled on April 2, 2014. Now Chile must rebuild. Unfortunately, a forest fire on April 14, 2014 caused hundreds of Chileans to be homeless.

Several days later another natural disaster hit. A 7.6 magnitude earthquake affected the Solomon Islands on Sunday, April 6, 2014. That same evening there was a second 7.4 earthquake and was followed by a 5.9 aftershock. Luckily none of the earthquakes caused a mass tragedy. Being in the Pacific Ring of Fire, the citizens of Solomon Islands are prepared for floods and earthquakes that afflict the region. Usually there are warnings to give people time to prepare for natural disasters. There was not a warning this time which caused an unusual amount of fatalities. 24 people died and more than 10,000 people either lost their homes or needed a shelter as they repaired the damage. 10,000 people went to Honiara to stay in one of the ten evacuation centers. To date, there are 4,500 people living in Honiara still waiting for financial assistance to rebuild their homes.

Natural disasters and man-created tragedies can occur anywhere. It is important to stay prepared. Work with your family and company to create an emergency plan. Have bug out bags at home and in your car(s) with at least 3 weeks’ supply of food, water and medication.

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