A 300-bed BLU-MED Mobile Field Hospital deployed in a California EMSA drill.

How BLU-MED Deployable Field Hospitals are Full Extensions of Hospitals

BLU-MED Response Systems provide hospitals and communities with rapidly deployable medical facilities to act as surge and isolation capacity in the case of a disaster.

For local government agencies and medical organizations, this feature is significant. As part of their emergency planning and disaster response programs, these agencies must consider the effects a disaster will have on the hospitals and medical facilities within its communities.

After tragedy strikes, victims will go to the nearest hospital for treatment and aid. It can be expected that these hospitals will likely be overwhelmed in the case of a sizeable and/or extensive disaster, causing further distress and possibly more injury or even loss of life. BLU-MED’s mobile medical facilities and hospital surge systems offer a turnkey solution to this problem.

Because these systems are fully mobile, they can provide complete medical treatment and care whenever and wherever they are needed. Each facility is equipped to manage hospital surge and isolation requirements, stand alone mobile field hospitals, and even expandable hospital containers.

All BLU-MED systems can be fitted with medical equipment, supplies, and technical instruments needed to provide any and all medical treatment, rehabilitation, administration, and lodging necessary to support a community through recovery from disaster. The structures are integrated with UL-tested lighting and electrical, as well as state-of-the-art HVAC and our specialized Environmental Control Units (ECU). They are controlled for temperature and humidity, and operate smoothly even with extreme conditions – cooling capacity of 30,000 BTU/HR to 66,500 BTU/HR in -125 to +125 degrees fahrenheit.

With BLU-MED Response Systems supporting your hospital or agency’s disaster preparedness plan, you can be assured of the most extensive, equipped, and versatile medical systems available.

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