Preventative & Emergency Medical Support in Remote Locations

Research and mining outposts in remote locations require all of the support of a small community. The critical gear includes food and water supply, lodging and hygiene shelters, and most importantly, medical support.

BLU-MED Response Systems® offer deployable field hospitals to meet this need to the fullest extent. These systems are regularly used for emergency medical relief around the world, and are also stored for disaster preparedness plans set up by local organizations. In addition, they are used as military shelters because of the durability and reliability in extreme weather and unforgiving locations.

Potential applications for these systems in non-disaster response conditions include remote film sets, rural expeditions, mining and exploratory positions, research locations, and more.

A chief benefit of medical shelters and systems from BLU-MED is that these field hospitals are engineered for extreme weather conditions. BLU-MED Response Systems are able to operate without being affected in winds of up to 100 mph in locations where high winds are a problem for the stability and security of most fabric structures. These shelter systems can also hold up to 20 pounds of snow per square foot, so their application is compatible to the needs presented by remote Arctic and Antarctic sites.

They are also fully equipped to provide complete medical treatment and care as standalone, turnkey facilities. BLU-MED Response Systems are highly versatile and can be configured to essentially any need of medical support for remote locations.

To learn more about how BLU-MED systems can support your needs for medical facilities in remote sites, contact us or email us. You can also call +1-888-680-7181 to speak to a qualified BLU-MED professional.