Medical team poses outside fabric hospital structures

Response Systems Used Around the World

Medical and humanitarian agencies around the world rapidly deploy BLU-MED® Response Systems Mobile Field Hospitals and medical shelters when manmade and natural disasters strike. BLU-MED facilities also form essential components of emergency and disaster response drills.

Below are a few examples of how proven BLU-MED Response Systems assist the groups that save lives. For more information, contact us online.

Texas, 2014: AmeriCares deployed a 650-square-foot BLU-MED shelter to the Texas-Mexico border to provide a support center to women and children immigrants. AmeriCares served as many as 200 refugees a day in the air-conditioned facility as temperatures topped 100 degrees.

Liberia, 2014: On just 72 hours’ notice, a team of 34 US Air Force airmen deployed to Liberia with a turnkey, BLU-MED Mobile Field Hospital in response to the deadliest Ebola outbreak in history. USAID partnered in the medical mission. Another mobile hospital was used to treat healthcare workers infected by Ebola.

Interior of a BLU-MED Mobile Field Hospital deployed to Gaza in 2014.
Interior of a BLU-MED Mobile Field Hospital deployed to Gaza in 2014.

Gaza, 2014: A Jordanian medical crew deployed to Gaza on a humanitarian mission to perform surgeries and offer outpatient treatment in a BLU-MED Mobile Field Hospital.

Kansas, 2014: The Kansas National Guard deployed a BLU-MED Expeditionary Medical Support System (EMEDS) as part of the large scale, multi-state Vigilant Guard 2014 disaster response drill.

Philippines, 2013: A team of 37 Australian doctors performed surgeries and offered other types of medical treatments in a 50-bed BLU-MED Mobile Field Hospital in the aftermath of the devastating Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

Mobile fabric structure hospitals in Haiti
Exterior of a BLU-MED Mobile Field Hospital deployed to Haiti in 2010.

Haiti, 2010: A BLU-MED Mobile Field Hospital provided a safe, secure medical environment for six months of 24/7 use in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake in Haiti. The hospital had an OB/GYN center, operating rooms and in-patient treatment facilities, among other uses.

Jordan, 2012: The United Arab Emirates deployed a BLU-MED Mobile Field Hospital to Jordan in response to a Syrian refugee crisis in the kingdom. OB/GYN were among the medical services provided by doctors.

Our state-of-the-industry portable fabric shelters and mobile hospitals enable communities and emergency management to rapidly respond to large-scale disasters, providing medical facilities and emergency shelters when and where they are needed.

BLU-MED Response Systems was formed in 2004 as a division of Alaska Defense™ – the military division of AKS Industries, Inc. Because of our vast experience with military shelter systems, our mobile hospital solutions ensure your hospital or shelter needs. Our shelters are stronger, safer, more comfortable, easier, and more economical to mobilize than any other structure, fabric or conventional.

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