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US Army Pacific (USARPAC) “Going in Light” Research Discusses Viability of Rapid Deployment Medical Component to Support Humanitarian Assistance / Disaster Relief (HA/DR)

Australia’s National Critical Care and Trauma Response team provides life-saving surgeries in a BLU-MED® mobile medical facility following Typhoon Haiyan in Tacloban, Philippines (2013). A 2016 research article written by the United States Army, Medical Operations and Planning Office, discusses the viability and need for light-weight, highly adaptable, and mobile medical facilities to support a…
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BLU-MED Medical Facilities Deployed After Hurricane Harvey

The 2017 Atlantic Hurricane season, which officially ends November 30, has been record breaking, a test of human resolve and resiliency, and will require ongoing support for the massive recovery and rebuilding efforts. Considered the most active hurricane season since 2005, this season could potentially also be the costliest – with an estimated $180 billion…
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Donated BLU-MED Hospital Facility Becomes Region’s Rescue Command Center After 3 Major Earthquakes In Central Italy

Within the span of four days, three powerful earthquakes devastated the central Umbria region of Italy. Stone and concrete structures, common in this mountainous province, previously compromised by the massive 6.2 magnitude earthquake in Amatrice on August 24, which killed nearly 300 people, offered little resistance. Centuries-old structures, many of historical significance, were reduced to…
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Field Hospitals

Combat and disaster zones require complete medical support for everything from simple illnesses and scrapes, to intensive care, surgery, and even isolation capacity in the event of the outbreak of a disease or virus such as Ebola. Portable field hospitals provide the rapid deployment and setup, ease of transport, and comprehensive medical services and equipment…
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Negative Pressure Isolation Facilities for Disease Outbreaks

In the event of an act of bio-terrorism or an outbreak of an infectious airborne disease, negative pressure isolation facilities are critical systems. They are vital for safely treating infected patients, monitoring quarantined individuals and protecting nearby communities from infection. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide guidelines and requirements for Airborne Infection Isolation…
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Fully Integrated Systems for Complete Disaster Relief

An effective disaster response system requires far more than merely the stable structures that protect patients and provide treatment space for medical professionals. Victims of a catastrophe such as an earthquake or terrorist attack need immediate, full-scale support for their recovery and even survival, in some cases. Disaster relief systems must be fully integrated with…
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Preventative & Emergency Medical Support in Remote Locations

Research and mining outposts in remote locations require all of the support of a small community. The critical gear includes food and water supply, lodging and hygiene shelters, and most importantly, medical support.   BLU-MED Response Systems® offer deployable field hospitals to meet this need to the fullest extent. These systems are regularly used for…
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Disaster Response Systems: Tornadoes

Severe storm season roared to life May 6 with more than 50 tornadoes reported in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska. Is your emergency response and/or disaster preparedness agency ready? BLU-MED Response Systems® can help. BLU-MED provides proven, rapidly deployable emergency, medical and disaster response systems for agencies of all sizes and budgets. BLU-MED systems have…
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