BLU-MED fabric hospital in joplin missouri after deadly tornado

Disaster Response Systems: Tornadoes

Severe storm season roared to life May 6 with more than 50 tornadoes reported in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska. Is your emergency response and/or disaster preparedness agency ready? BLU-MED Response Systems® can help.

BLU-MED provides proven, rapidly deployable emergency, medical and disaster response systems for agencies of all sizes and budgets. BLU-MED systems have been deployed to disaster areas around the world. In 2011, one of our large field hospital complexes served patients in the aftermath of the deadly Joplin, Missouri tornado after one of the city’s major hospitals was destroyed.

We keep a large disaster response stockpile of ready-to-deploy packages on hand at several locations in the United States, ensuring that we can quickly and economically ship your disaster response solution when you need it most.

BLU-MED Response Systems offers several essential turnkey emergency and disaster response products, including:

BLU-MED Response Systems can be used as:

  • ICU
  • Pharmacies
  • Command / Control Centers
  • Emergency Shelter
  • X-Ray Centers
  • Surgery Centers
  • Triage

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