Disaster Relief Anywhere in the World Within 72 Hours

When disaster strikes, few things are more important than the ability to provide rapid, effective response. For more than a decade, BLU-MED Response Systems® has provided turnkey, rapidly deployable, full-service disaster medical facilities.

When medical emergencies, natural disasters, biological catastrophes or other crises develop, BLU-MED systems can be built and ready for use within 72 hours. These systems can provide full support for any disaster relief necessary, including intensive care and surgery facilities, temporary housing and more.

In May 2013, Utah’s Department of Health tested one of its BLU-MED Mobile Field Hospitals during a disaster drill in the Utah Basin. The system was designed to handle overflow of patients at the central Ashley Regional Medical Center in the case of a medical surge. The mobile field hospitals are ideally suited for supporting treatment, patient accommodation and other medical services. In the Uintah Basin, disasters such as explosions and well fires can result in such a surge, requiring rapid response and relief.


In February 2013, BLU-MED systems were tested at Keesler Air Force Base in Mississippi. In a very short time, a 25-bed mobile medical facility was erected and ready to process patients in a simulated anthrax attack. A total of 629 role-player patients were processed in the facility in less than two hours.


BLU-MED also supported Suffolk County Fire Rescue and Emergency Services in December 2012 with a portable medical facility to respond to the devastation caused by Super Storm Sandy. The mobile field hospital was fully equipped to serve about 60 patients with any necessary health care and treatment. The rapid deployment capabilities of BLU-MED Response Systems are paramount in such medical emergencies.

BLU-MED Response Systems are not only for use in scenarios requiring temporary relief. Our field hospitals continue to treat up to 600 Syrian refugees a day in Mafraq, on the border between Syria and Jordan. Five months after it opened, the mobile field hospital had treated more than 30,000 patients. This system will continue to provide full treatment for as long as there is a need.

BLU-MED systems have been proven time and again in disaster response. For more information about us or our rapidly deployable medical facilities, email us at inforeq@blu-med.com, call +1-425-739-2795.

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