BLU-MED hospital in Syria packed full of people

30,000 Syrians Treated In BLU-MED Field Hospital

In the five months since it opened, the UAE’s mobile field hospital in Mafraq on Jordan’s border with Syria has treated more than 30,000 patients.

The mobile medical system has cared for up to 600 refugees a day, many with war wounds that have festered for months.

The UAE Red Crescent had been working in the country for months before the portable hospital was built, searching for refugees who had not found shelter in the Zaatari camp.

“We found one family living in a public toilet,” said Ahmad Al Mazrouie, who chairs the charity. “Imagine. They would eat, sleep, and do everything there.”

The Red Crescent helped them with camp accommodations, as well as furniture, blankets and food.

The UAE has also provided the International Organization for Migrants with six buses to transport refugees from the border to the camps, and two ambulances.

Two mobile field clinics have also toured areas outside the camps where refugees had congregated.

“The field hospital is the first to operate everything electronically,” Mr Al Mazrouie said. “You can do operations there, there is an ICU. We help every vulnerable person, with whatever they need. When they need us we will be there. – The National

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