‘Military Grade Facilities’ Added Outside University Medical Center for Coronavirus Pandemic

Dr. Edward Michelson Discusses How University Medical Center is using BLU-MED Medical Shelters.
Video courtesy of KVIA-TV in El Paso.

El Paso, Texas – Erik Elkin with KVIA-TV recently reported how University Medical Center (UMC) is using three BLU-MED medical shelters to screen and isolate patients potentially infected with COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Still photograph from broadcast news segment of medical shelter exterior
BLU-MED Medical Shelter for COVID-19 at UMC.
Photo courtesy of KVIA-TV.

UMC purchased the BLU-MED facilities and is being proactive to prepare for a possible surge of patients as the number of coronavirus cases in the area increases. Dr. Edward Michelson, Chief of Emergency Medical Services at UMC described the BLU-MED medical shelters as being, “military grade facilities.”

The BLU-MED medical shelters are equipped with negative pressure isolation systems and will be used to safely screen and isolate patients before being admitted into a secure area of the UMC’s main hospital facility.

The first BLU-MED medical facility is being used as a “triage tent”. According to Dr. Michelson, “[Patients] will get their vital signs checked. They’ll get some questions asked and answered so we can determine the likelihood that they might have an infection.” Patients suspected of having COVID-19 will be admitted into one of the other two BLU-MED shelters, each configured as patient isolation wards with 10 beds.

Still photograph from broadcast news segment of medical shelter interior
10-Bed Patient Isolation Unit at UMC.
Photo courtesy of KVIA-TV.

UMC is taking a unique approach to communicating with patients admitted into the isolation areas using video conferencing equipment and iPads. The purpose is to minimize person-to-person contact and reduce the exposure risk of hospital staff and physicians.

UMC is asking for the community’s assistance and only come to the hospital if you are sick.

You can also read the original video and article from KVIA-TV.

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