BLU-MED mobile field hospitals in Kenya

Mobile Medical Facilities for Remote Locations

Disaster response requires additional considerations and needs when the affected community is in a remote location. Without the support of nearby medical treatment facilities and emergency response infrastructure, these communities can be affected more severely in disasters than urban settings.

Mobile medical facilities offer the flexibility and portability needed to support remote locations in their response to a disaster such as a severe storm, fire, or earthquake. These facilities can be set up in remote areas to treat victims and provide operational capabilities and shelter accommodations for responders and medical staff.

Remote areas typically don’t have medical treatment facilities in close enough proximity or size to manage the sudden surge of patients after a disaster. Transportation of victims over great distances (and sometimes rugged terrain or residual weather conditions) is ineffective and likely to worsen the fallout from a disaster, causing more loss of life and a greater cost for recovery. The installation of a mobile medical facility instantly equips the affected community with full-scale medical treatment, shelter facilities for displaced disaster victims, and operational support for the responders, volunteers, and medical staff.

BLU-MED Response Systems® include options for mobile deployable field hospitals to serve any location around the world. These facilities are fully equipped inside, with all of the equipment and technology necessary to support a full disaster relief effort. The heavy-duty structures are both lightweight and extremely durable – they can withstand extreme winds and snow loads in severe climates and stormy weather conditions.

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