blu-med quick install fabric structure

Fight Wildfires with BLU-MED for Fire Response

Wildfires and brush fires continue to ignite in the western United States. Is your fire protection district prepared with emergency shelters, mobile medical facilities and/or command and control centers?

Adding the EXT Medical Trailer System from BLU-MED Response Systems® is one way to ensure rapid fire response to wildfires, brush fires and other disasters.

The EXT Medical Trailer System features a quick-erect shelter that offers 520 square feet of versatile floor space and can be installed by four people in 10 minutes or less. The XP’s incredible portability is just as important as its rapid installation capabilities.

EXT Medical Trailer Systems can be towed to where they are needed by pickup trucks and SUVs. The XP’s trailer is 7’ wide by 14’ long and contains a 15-kilowatt generator and fuel tank that can hold enough diesel for three days of continuous use.
The trailer can carry a 1,500-pound payload in
addition to the XP shelter and it’s support equipment.

An emergency response team uses a BLU-MED EXT Medical Trailer System shelter as a command center.
An emergency response team uses a BLU-MED EXT Medical Trailer System shelter as a command center.

XP shelters are made in the USA using flame-resistant composite fabric membranes and sturdy, lightweight metal frames. The shelter system is certified for 100 setup and strike cycles without mechanical failure.

XP shelters can be outfitted with vital medical equipment for rapid treatment of injuries on-site. They can also be outfitted with essential communications equipment for on-location command centers.

The XP shelter is 16 feet long by 32.5 feet wide and has been independently tested and certified for:

  • 80-mph sustained wind loads (100-mph gusts)
  • 15-PSF snow loads
  • 4” of rain per hour with 60-mph winds

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