Patients rest in the ICU unit of the Blu-med hospital expansion

Winter Storms Emphasize the Critical Need for Disaster Preparedness

The barrage of snow, wind and flooding bombarding the northeastern United States over the past couple of weeks has underscored the need for effective disaster preparedness. Parts of New England have been submerged beneath a couple feet of snow – more than 64 inches has fallen in Boston since January 27th. As of late last month, four to five feet of severe coastal flooding had deluged eastern Massachusetts, and continues to damage the area.

Effects of these extreme weather conditions include road closures, widespread power outages, and of course, damage to residences and commercial buildings. Cities and local agencies must improve their disaster response programs to be better prepared to support the needs of their communities in such crises.

BLU-MED Response Systems® are specifically designed to endure extreme weather conditions in order to provide secured, reliable treatment and care in disaster situations. Engineered with the same caliber of fabric buildings from their sister organization, Alaska Structures™, BLU-MED systems are designed for harsh environments.

The high-strength polyvinyl chloride fabrics that these structures are made with provide improved snow shed, greater abrasion resistance, and customized specifications for wind and snow loads.

Coupled with the BLU-MED Environmental Control Unit (ECU), the extreme strength of these structures and temperature and ventilation control provide highly protected facilities for disaster response in any conditions.

Fortunately, state and local agencies can support their disaster preparedness program with turnkey facilities from BLU-MED’s stockpile. The organization maintains this stockpile to provide mobile field hospitals, medical treatment facilities, temporary housing, command centers, and more to anywhere in the world within 48 hours.

For more information about disaster preparedness solutions with BLU-MED Response Systems contact us by email or phone: +1-888-680-7181.