Exterior of Blu Med's 50-Bed Medical Facility

Alaska Structures is Prepositioning Housing, Dining, and Medical Facilities in Poland

Kirkland, Wash. – Alaska Structures® (Alaska) is prepositioning a 625-person housing facility and a 650-person dining facility in Poland. A 50-bed medical facility from BLU-MED Response Systems (BLU-MED, a division of Alaska Structures) is also included. Scheduled to be delivered in mid-June, the shipment is intended to provide modular housing and medical facilities for troops or conflict-affected families in Eastern Europe.

Though the Russian-Ukrainian War has been ongoing since February 2014, the illegal invasion of Russian troops on February 24, 2022, marked a steep escalation and has resulted in the largest refugee crisis in Europe since World War II. According to the Ukraine Internal Displacement Report issued by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), more than 7.1 million Ukrainians are internally displaced. UNHCR reports that more than 5.7 million Ukrainians have fled to neighboring countries and beyond. 90% of those that have had to flee their country are women and children.

The UNHCR recently updated the needs and requirements outlined in the Ukraine Regional Response Plan (RRP) until December 2022. The revised report estimates that 8.7 million Ukrainians being internally displaced by the end of the year. Shabia Mantoo, a UNHCR spokesperson, stated at a press conference in Geneva, “UNHCR and partners are seeking US$1.85 billion to support a projected 8.3 million refugees in neighboring countries, namely Hungary, the Republic of Moldova, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia, as well as other countries in the region, including Belarus, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.”

While the response from people in other countries to share their homes and take in refugees has been extraordinary, the reality of when those displaced families can return to Ukraine is unknown. Countries like Germany have fast-tracked plans to identify and convert empty buildings for accommodating refugees, including unused airport terminals and hotels. Intending to welcome 200,000 Ukrainian refugees, Ireland’s Minister for Housing, Darragh O’Brien, is proposing a range of temporary facilities to be built, including medical facilities, modular housing, education, and childcare facilities while permanent solutions are built.

The modular accommodations, dining facility, and mobile medical facility being delivered to Poland are a “leaning forward” strategy to quickly respond to requests from relief and aid organizations, governments, and military forces needing rapidly deployable shelter solutions. Facilities enroute to Poland are packed in reusable containers for low-cube and rapid transport.

625-Person Housing Facility Specifications

625-Person Housing Facility Specifications Flyer

(60) Alaska Military Shelters can provide housing for 625 people on single beds or 1,250 people on bunk beds.

  • (48) 20-feet wide by 32.5-feet long shelters
  • (12) 20-feet wide by 39-feet long shelters
  • Each housing shelter comes with Alaska ECU™ (environmental control unit), sub-flooring, energy-efficient LED lights, and internal electrical kits (1P/220V/50Hz).

(10) External power distribution systems (3P/400V/50Hz)

650-Person Dining Facility Specifications

Inside of 40-feet wide by 100-feet long Alaska Dining Shelters and specifications flyer specifications

(2) 40-feet wide by 100-feet long Alaska Dining Shelters.

  • Each dining shelter comes with (8) Alaska ECUs™, an interlocking flooring system, LED high bay lights, and internal electrical kits (3P/220-400V/50Hz).

External power distribution systems (3P/400V/50Hz).

50-Bed Medical Facility Specifications

Exterior and interior of Blu Med's 50 bed Medical Facilities and specifications

(3) 20-feet wide by 32.5-feet long medical shelters.

(3) 20-feet wide by 39-feet long medical shelters.

  • Each medical shelter comes with an Alaska ECU™, sub-flooring, fluorescent lights, and internal electrical kits (1P/220V/50Hz).

(1) Entry vestibule with bump thru door.

(50) Ward beds.

(1) External power distribution system (3P/400V/50Hz).

About Alaska Structures

Alaska Structures® (Alaska) is the world’s fastest and largest supplier of military shelter systems. We engineer and manufacture “Berry Compliant” military shelters and support systems in the United States. Our integrated approach allows us to provide the highest quality military shelters without relying on third parties. Alaska Military Shelters are used to support operational readiness across a wide range of enduring and expeditionary strategies with Forward Operating Sites (FOS), Mobile Field Hospitals (MFH), maintenance facilities, military aircraft hangars, Tactical Operations Centers (TOC), and shelters for humanitarian and disaster relief (HADR).

To date, Alaska Structures has delivered 65,000+ shelter systems and 22,000+ Alaska ECUs™ to more than 85 countries worldwide. No other shelter company comes close to matching our level of experience or expertise.

For more information about rapidly deployable shelter systems from Alaska Structures, please visit: www.aks.com

About BLU-MED Response Systems

BLU-MED Response Systems® (BLU-MED), a division of Alaska Structures, is the World’s Leader in Deployable Medical Facilities™. Our portable medical shelters and field hospitals enable governments (all levels), hospitals, emergency management, and medical response agencies to rapidly respond to any disaster …when and where needed™.

From 2020 to 2021, more than 650 negative pressure isolation facilities for COVID-19 were deployed in the U.S., Canada, South America, Africa, the Middle East, and the Far East.

BLU-MED medical facilities ensure a safe, clean environment for advanced-level healthcare in any climate for extended periods of time. Our scalable, self-contained, and temperature-controlled medical shelters are used for a wide range of services. BLU-MED offers customized supply and equipment packages.

For more information about medical shelters from BLU-MED, please visit: www.blu-med.com

For purchasing and delivery options of the facilities being sent to Poland, please contact:

Gerrit Boyle
Alaska Structures, Inc.
International: +1-907-344-1565
Toll-Free (U.S. and Canada): +1-888-370-1800