Deployed alternate emergency operation center

XP for Alternate Emergency Operations Centers

An Alternate Emergency Operations Center (AEOC) is an integral component of any emergency or disaster response plan, but only if it is operational. The same tornado, earthquake, hurricane or man-made disaster that damaged or destroyed your primary Emergency Operations Center could do the same to your AEOC.

BLU-MED Response Systems® offers a solution to that potential problem with our incredibly portable XP Response Package. Unlike fixed-site AEOCs, the XP isn’t stuck in one place and can be rapidly deployed to wherever it’s needed.

XP Medical Response Package | BLU-MED
XP Medical Response Package | BLU-MED

BLU-MED designs every component of the XP Response Package with emergency and disaster response in mind.

The XP Response Package contains a rugged, turnkey shelter that can be installed in 10 minutes or less without the need for special training or tools. The shelter features 520 square feet of floor space, ample electrical outlets and can be customized with a wide range of standard door options. Included with the shelter are an electrical system, shatterproof fluorescent lights and an HVAC system.

The XP shelter can also be complexed with other tensioned membrane structures or expanded through end-to-end connections to offer even more interior space.

The XP’s rapid response trailer is towable by pickup truck or SUV and includes a rear ramp and door for quick unloading. The trailer also contains a quiet running 15-kilowatt diesel generator and a 45-gallon tank that holds enough fuel for at least two days of continued use. This secure trailer also features a plug-and-play electrical distribution system and 1,500 pounds of additional payload space.

With its rapid deployment capabilities, incredible versatility and proven longevity in any climate, the XP Response Package is the ideal choice for disaster and emergency response agencies that need a reliable AEOC option that is high quality and budget friendly.

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