Disaster Response Systems Equipped for Extreme Weather

National news and FEMA’s emergency information updates have been busy with reports of flooding and winter storm disasters across the country. Melting snow and winter storms have caused severe flooding in areas of Western Washington. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security recently announced the availability of federal disaster aid for the state of Mississippi for its recovery from severe storms and tornadoes.

These disasters are not unexpected for the time of year and projected weather conditions, but they still raise concerns for disaster preparedness programs and planning.

When a town or community is affected by a medical emergency or natural disaster, it is critical that their disaster response systems maintain the necessary extended services and support that they are instated to provide. Extreme weather conditions can damage or severely hinder the treatment, care, and shelter these mobile field hospitals and deployed medical facilities.

That is, unless they are constructed to withstand extreme weather conditions, temperatures, and environmental situations.

BLU-MED Response Systems® are all state-of-the-art, portable medical facilities which are also specially engineered to endure extremely high winds, tremendous weight from snow and/or ice, high heat or cold, and more. BLU-MED is proven in disaster response. In addition to being fully equipped to withstand extreme conditions, they are equipped and fully serviceable in virtually any medical emergency, natural disaster, biological attack, and environmental catastrophe.

The disaster response systems deployed by BLU-MED are designed by the skilled engineers at Alaska Structures®, which is responsible for the weather-proofing of critical structures in a variety of industries. Since 1975, Alaska Structures has deployed high-caliber structures to withstand the most extreme environments for military facilities, fracking sites, aircraft and vehicle storage, pipeline enclosures, remote camps in the desert, jungle, polar locations and more.

These important, highly protected, and sometimes dangerous facilities must be able to function and endure in the worst environmental conditions. It is similarly critical that BLU-MED’s response systems continue to provide medical care and treatment in the case of a disaster, no matter what the weather holds.

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