Exterior of a 16' x 32.5' XP Response Package and its secure 7' x 14' trailer.

Emergency Planning and Rapid Response

Local disaster and emergency planning agencies are the first responders in the immediate aftermath of a manmade or natural disaster, but their budgets don’t always reflect their importance.

That’s why BLU-MED® created the EXT Medical Trailer System, the most rapidly deployable turnkey response system on the market.

Unlike other response systems that require semi trucks or other large vehicles to deploy, the EXT Medical Trailer System is towable by SUV or pickup truck. The budget-friendly XP package also offers proven versatility in the field and saves your agency money without sacrificing quality.

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The XP quick-erect shelter can be fully installed by four people in 10 minutes or less. This rugged PVC fabric shelter provides 520 square feet of floor space, a plug-and-play electrical system and ample electrical outlets to conduct almost any response application, including medical and command and control.

The EXT Medical Trailer System can be hand carried, set up in 10 minutes or less and packs into a secure trailer.
The EXT Medical Trailer System can be hand carried, set up in 10 minutes or less and packs into a secure trailer.

The XP shelter is 16 feet long by 32.5 feet wide and has been independently tested and certified for:

  • 80-mph sustained wind loads (100-mph gusts)
  • 15-PSF snow loads
  • Rain loads of 4” per hour with 60-mph winds
  • 100 setup and strike cycles without system failure

The XP’s secure 7-foot-by-14-foot trailer houses a 15-kW generator and a fuel tank that holds enough diesel fuel for up to three days of continuous operation. We also include a rugged Alaska Environmental Control Unit™ that offers proven reliability in any environment. EXT Medical Trailer Systems include shatterproof fluorescent lighting and an ample supply of well-distributed electrical outlets.

When time and quality matter, BLU-MED’s EXT Medical Trailer System offers the best emergency planning and disaster response value on the market.

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  • BLU-MED Response Systems® (BLU-MED) was formed in 2004 as a division of Alaska Structures, Inc. Our deployable portable medical shelters and mobile field hospitals enable communities and emergency management to rapidly respond to small and large-scale disasters, providing medical facilities and emergency shelters "when and where needed™."