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Blu-Med RapidSurge cargo trailer hauling a power generator system
Blu-Med RapidSurge cargo trailer

Ready-To-Haul Trailer Mounted Surge Systems

Our trailer-mounted hospital-surge solution systems are tailored to your specifications. Our RapidSurge™ trailer series provide turnkey, versatile work areas whenever and wherever you need them.

Whether you require basic in-patient ward space, a rapid-response first aid station, or a mobile immunizations processing center, each trailer is prepackaged in ready-to-haul, heavy-duty cargo trailers in lengths from 16 feet to 28 feet. Our RapidSurge trailers can be pulled behind 3/4- to 1-ton trucks.


  • Up to 1,700 square feet of surge capacity per trailer unit
  • Sets up quickly and easily on any level surface: pavement, grass or sand
  • Several heavy-duty patient bed options for nursing care, special needs or intensive care; mattress, IV pole and linens include
  • HVAC, electric and lighting systems included; portable generators available in several sizes
  • Stow and tow – BLU-MED hospital-surge trailer solutions are always ready to deploy; use trailer on-site as secure storage, work space or sleeping quarters



  • Ready to roll – tow behind a pickup
  • Drop-down rear door for easy loading
  • Side-access door
  • Equipment sets are pre-packed to hand carry — no forklift is required
  • Optional heating/AC electrical outlets, lighting
  • Beds stored in carts for ease and speed of set up
  • Weather-tight with locking doors; eliminates need for warehouse space

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