BLU-MED’s newest hospital advancement is the XP Medical Response Package.
It is designed for everyone from civilians to emergency management / emergency response services, the military to humanitarian aid projects that require rapid-deployment to assist after an emergency and natural disasters.


This XP Medical Response Package includes a mobile hospital that comes with an electrical system, lights, HVAC, and a power generator mounted inside the transport trailer.  
For durability, the frames are powder-coated aluminum and made with a rugged MIL-SPEC vinyl fabric. The XP Medical Response shelter is 16’ wide by 32.5’ long with 520 square feet of floor space. The entire medical shelter package has a rapid-deployment of less than ten minutes. The BLU-MED XP Medical Response Package can easily be outfitted to function as a mobile command center, or emergency shelter for emergency management and emergency response.


The Rapid Response Trailer is designed to transport medical equipment and the XP Medical Response Shelter during an emergency. The emergency response trailer is 7’ wide by 14’ long.
Included is a quiet 15 kW diesel generator with a 45-gallon fuel tank that can carry 2-3 days’ worth of fuel (varies based on amount used).


The BLU-MED XP Medical Response Shelter was certified by an independent agency for:

  • Wind load: 80 MPH sustained, 100 MPH gusts
  • Snow load: 15 Ib per square feet
  • Rain: 4” per hour with 60 MPH winds
  • 100 setup/strike cycles – no system failures

Are you an emergency preparedness or emergency management professional? Looking for a mobile command center or rapidly deployable emergency shelter or mobile hospital? Join your fellow local, state and military professionals by choosing a BLU-MED solution to meet your needs and be prepared.

Contact us at +1-888-680-7181 to discuss your hospital or emergency shelter needs or learn about BLU-MED medical equipment and morgue to pair with the XP Medical Response Package.