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BLU-MED Response Systems® (BLU-MED) is the World’s Leader in Deployable Medical Facilities™ and Ebola Treatment Facilities.

BLU-MED’s mobile field hospitals and Ebola treatment facilities are the industry’s state-of-the-art, portable, medical shelters. These mobile hospitals enable communities to respond rapidly to large-scale disasters and emergencies like the Ebola outbreak with mobile hospital facilities and emergency response shelters when and where they are needed. Our deployable field hospitals ensure a safe, clean environment where advanced-level health care can be given in any climate for extended periods of time. Some of the more popular BLU-MED Response Systems include:

  • Mobile emergency rooms
  • Mobile operating rooms
  • Mobile trauma centers
  • Emergency operation centers, or command and control centers
  • Portable hospital surge capacity
  • Ebola treatment facilities (for ebola isolation)
  • Portable outpatient clinics

BLU-MED offers many customized healthcare packages for outfitting each mobile hospital facility or Ebola treatment facility with essential medical equipment and supplies, logistics services for arranging shipping and transporting of supplies, equipment, and other goods in response to emergencies and disasters, as well as technical consulting services regarding the design and implementation of mobile hospital and treatment facilities for use in emergency and disaster response.

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