patient cared for in deployable medical shelter

AmeriCares Deploys BLU-MED Medical Facilities in San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico

patient cared for in deployable medical shelter
Photo courtesy of AmeriCares, by William Vazquez.

Still recovering from the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Ricans in San Lorenzo have access to healthcare thanks to the gracious efforts of AmeriCares.

The 155 MPH winds from Hurricane Maria caused wide-spread damage to much of the island’s utilities, infrastructure and homes. In San Lorenzo, the two-story COSSMA non-profit health center was destroyed and rendered unusable when sections of the roof were blown away. The clinic provides medical services to approximately 5,000 patients a year.

Following the loss of their medical facility, COSSMA staff setup make-shift tents to treat patients in the parking lot. While the tents provided an immediate solution, conditions were not ideal for sustained medical treatment and care. Patients and healthcare workers had to contend with high levels of humidity, unforgiving temperatures, subsequent weather, and a lack of access to clean water.

men erect field hospital in lot
Photo courtesy of AmeriCares, by William Vazquez.

AmeriCares replaced the make-shift tents with a state-of-the-art BLU-MED® medical facility equipped with power generation, powerful HVAC and water purification systems. The upgraded medical facility treats 60 patients a day and was given the name “COSSMA Clinic.”

Repairs of the COSSMA San Lorenzo clinic are expected to take more than a year to complete. The AmeriCares’ medical facility will remain in Puerto Rico to support rebuilding efforts.

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