International Medical Corps Deploys BLU-MED Mobile Hospital in Los Angeles

In partnership with FedEx, a team from the nonprofit International Medical Corps setup a BLU-MED mobile field hospital in downtown Los Angeles to respond to a simulated cholera outbreak following a crisis or natural disaster.

The complete 9,000 square foot mobile hospital consists of 12-modules and is fully equipped with medical equipment and supplies, power generation, food, as well as water and sanitation systems.

International Medical Corps’ partnership with FedEx, is designed to facilitate deployment strategies to anywhere in the world, and be operational within 72 hours.

Parts of the mobile hospital were recently deployed and used in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, and in Florida after Hurricane Irma. In a three-month period, the team from International Medical Corps provided over 7,000 health consultations.

Additional information for the following organizations can be found online or by calling the numbers below.

BLU-MED Response Systems

International Medical Corps

FedEx Cares