Many deployed Blu-Med fabric structures connected to Blu-Med mobile hospital power generation systems

BLU-MED Response Systems are Uniquely Equipped to Fully Support Disaster Relief

During the outbreaks of the Ebola virus, disaster relief for the hurricane in New England, and numerous other medical emergencies, BLU-MED Response Systems® have been proven in critical support. The systems are equipped in all areas to support disaster relief efforts to the fullest extent of the need.

The floor plans and equipment packages offered by BLU-MED can be used in any temporary or permanent need for a medical facility or treatment center. The systems are more than just structures; they care fully equipped to be used as mobile emergency or operating rooms, trauma centers, command and control centers, hospital surge capacity, outpatient clinics, and even Ebola treatment facilities for necessary isolation.

Each is rapidly deployable and completely ready to provide full disaster relief support within 72 hours. They are easily expandable and reconfigurable to fit changing needs in disaster relief support, from structures as small as 650 sq. ft. up to 65,000 sq. ft.

They are shipped with everything included to be ready to provide full support from the moment their implementation is complete (within 3 days). They are fully equipped with everything necessary to support patient overflow, triage, surgery and extended care. The BLU-MED systems can come ready-made as general mobile field hospital facilities, or customized to a specific need, such as Ebola treatment and isolation.

All of the BLU-MED Response Systems® can include customized healthcare packages to equip the treatment facility with all of the essential supplies, equipment, logistics servicing, and consulting. This gives the community in need of relief quick access to all of the care needed, including the successful implementation of these critical facilities.

In addition to being outfitted with all necessary supplies and equipment, the systems include climate control with BLU-MED’s Environmental Control Unit (ECU). These units are specially engineered to maintain comfortable temperatures of 65˚F to 75˚F, and operate effectively even in extreme weather conditions and environments. The ECU ensures that the BLU-MED systems provide a safe medical environment.

To learn more about the products and systems provided by BLU-MED for disaster relief, please call +1-888-680-7181, email us, or click here.