How BLU-MED Response Systems® Support Hospitals in Disaster Situations

When disaster strikes, timely response and support — especially for hospitals and medical facilities — is of utmost importance. BLU-MED Response Systems® (BLU-MED) provides rapidly deployable medical structures to support hospitals during a disaster.

BLU-MED delivers these systems anywhere in the world in 72 hours or less. This allows medical facilities or first responders to exponentially increase their ability to care for and treat victims of disaster without delay. In 2012, BLU-MED deployed a 50-bed mobile field hospital that was installed, staffed and ready for patient treatment in just 48 hours during an emergency drill in California.

This rapid delivery and installation of disaster response facilities is crucial. During disaster situations such as natural, biological, chemical, or radiological catastrophes and nuclear or terrorist attacks, hospitals can be quickly overwhelmed with victims. Such life-or-death stakes require this near-immediate response. From strategic depots around the world, BLU-MED is able to respond early and set up disaster response structures on site in three days or less.

As soon as these structures are set up, they are ready to support medical staff and accommodate disaster victims. Each mobile hospital can be insulated and climate-controlled to create a comfortable environment for medical staff and patients.

BLU-MED gives hospitals a portable, easily configured and expandable mobile facility solution to limit the risks of infection and contamination for patients, staff, and medical buildings.

In addition to providing medical shelters, BLU-MED Response Systems can also fully equip our medical facility with state-of-the-art mobile medical equipment to compliment and expand or use in replacement of hospital services and healthcare assets. Our mobile field hospitals are set up with all necessary equipment for advanced medical care, including intensive care, patient isolation, triage, surgery, and other needs such as ward space and extended care.

Surge and isolation capacity are features of every BLU-MED system. During catastrophic events, hospitals can manage and treat the sudden need for trauma centers, operating rooms, management of mass casualties, and all other emergency medical needs with BLU-MED systems in place.

The portable, turnkey, shelter-based solutions provided by BLU-MED offer vital support for hospitals in disaster situations. Click here to learn more about BLU-MED products and services.

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