Man in hazmat suit helping another man put on his goggles

Ebola Outbreak Stresses Need for Improved Healthcare Systems

As the Ebola outbreak has clearly shown, better health care systems are vital. For improved medical emergency response in this and future outbreaks, we must invest in corrections and enhancements to health care systems worldwide.

WHO reports persistent difficulty tracking the spread of Ebola. Health officials cannot confirm how all new patients are infected, continued security problems exist, and some prefectures will not cooperate with international efforts to control the spread of the virus. These issues reveal systemic problems in the response to virus outbreaks on the global scale that we are experiencing with the Ebola virus.

Some progress has been made with healthcare systems and emergency response in both Guinea and Liberia. However, new cases of the deadly virus continue to appear each day. With the impending rainy season in this region of Africa, Ebola containment efforts may become more complicated.

According to WHO, “A rise in incidence shows that the (Ebola) response still faces significant challenges.”

U.S. and European emergency response actions have been widespread and implemented specifically to treat Ebola victims and prevent the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, however, West Africa does not have the emergency response systems in place to support an adequate strategy to fight the virus and maintain critical socioeconomic structures. Beyond thousands of deaths, this has resulted in hardship on the involved countries’ commerce, agriculture, and education, as a Feb. 5th US News article reports.

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