Rapidly Deployable Emergency Response Treatment Centers

BLU-MED Response Systems® is constantly innovating the engineering and design of our medical emergency and disaster response systems, all of which can be set up and operational within 72 hours from the moment you place an order.

Two turnkey trailer-mounted products — the XP® Medical Response Package and the EXT Medical Trailer System — stand out for their ability to be rapidly deployed.


The EXT Medical Trailer System includes a quick-erect shelter and HVAC that can be installed in less than 10 minutes. The XP’s accompanying Rapid Response Trailer contains the shelter, a power generator and medical equipment for easy transportation to the disaster response location.

The XP’s safe and durable fabric tension shelter has been independently tested and certified to withstand 80-mph winds and 100-mph gusts, as well as, 15 pounds of snow per square foot and 4 inches of rain per hour with 60-mph winds.


When a medical facility is overwhelmed with patients or a mobile system is needed for temporary medical support in emergency areas, the EXT Medical Trailer System Hospital Surge System is the first choice of disaster and emergency response professionals. The EXT Medical Trailer System is trailer-mounted for rapid deployment. With up to 1,500 square feet of ward space, as well as beds, IV poles, a generator and HVAC, electrical and lighting systems, the EXT Medical Trailer System is a fully self-sufficient medical facility.

The EXT Medical Trailer System’s ready-to-haul cargo trailer can be towed behind pickup trucks and SUVs, and it’s a secure storage or 200-square-foot shelter option once it’s on-site.

Contact us for more information about XP or the EXT Medical Trailer System, or any of BLU-MED’s other rapidly deployable mobile field hospitals and disaster response systems, call 1-425-739-2795 or email us.

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