A BLU-MED ruggedized 2.5-ton environmental control unit (ECU).

Fully Integrated Systems for Complete Disaster Relief

An effective disaster response system requires far more than merely the stable structures that protect patients and provide treatment space for medical professionals. Victims of a catastrophe such as an earthquake or terrorist attack need immediate, full-scale support for their recovery and even survival, in some cases.

Disaster relief systems must be fully integrated with equipment, supplies, and all necessary hook ups (such as HVAC, power distribution and generation, environmental controls, etc.). This complete package is a requirement if the disaster response systems will be sufficient enough to provide stand-alone, effective support in emergency situations.

BLU-MED Response Systems® provide rapidly deployable structures that are fully integrated with all necessary supplies and environmental systems. Even if the site of an emergency has no (or unreliable) access to power, these systems will remain steadily operational as dependable and self-sustaining medical treatment, shelter, and/or operational facilities.

The systems from BLU-MED can sustain up to 12 medical shelters on a single power generator, with voltage systems to accommodate both U.S. and E.U. requirements. The BLU-MED Response Systems are available for 20-320 kW, with insulated enclosures and even trailer-mounted options. Essentially, these disaster relief systems can be used for any standard or custom application, anywhere in the world.

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