Patients receiving care from doctors and nurses in a BLU-MED hospital expansion

Gauge Your Agency’s Readiness for Disaster – Is it Enough?

In earthquake, fire and other disaster situations, the top priority after victim safety is medical care and treatment. Appropriate readiness for disaster is necessary to provide this care and prevent further tragedy.

Agencies that do not have emergency preparedness programs or systems in place may face sudden overwhelming need at established medical facilities. Even worse, in disaster areas where permanent medical facilities are not established, catastrophe victims may be completely without care.

BLU-MED Response Systems and mobile field hospitals are deployable and set up in 72 hours or less, but sometimes even such rapid response is not fast enough.

Statewide agencies and local NGOs should gauge their readiness for potential catastrophe, and prepare ahead with stockpiled disaster response facilities.

As referenced in a FEMA training document, “Emergency planning is most likely to be successful when it is viewed, either explicitly or implicitly, from a systems perspective (Lindell & Perry, 1992). This entails an understanding of the goals of the emergency response, the resources of the community as a system, and the functional interactions of the different units within the system.”

If your agency’s strategy in emergency situations does not include a cohesive strategy focused on the systems, you may not have sufficient disaster response procedures in place.

BLU-MED offers complete, turnkey medical facilities and mobile field hospitals. Each system is fully equipped for all needs in an emergency situation, from housing accommodations to surgery centers and intensive care units. These facilities are safe, clean and immediately ready for use as triage centers and other medical capabilities as needed in a catastrophe situation to save lives and prevent further tragedy. The only additional need is for staff and maybe volunteer support.

Your agency may have need of emergency systems for a variety of disaster scenarios, and BLU-MED Response Systems provide that versatility for all kinds of medical response needs. BLU-MED systems are stockpiled as your agency needs, to be deployed and completely set up within 48 hours of an emergency situation of any kind.

BLU-MED has provided rapid response and complete emergency medical facilities around the world in catastrophic situations including the Super Storm Sandy event in 2012 and the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Jordan in 2013.

For more information about BLU-MED Response Systems and stockpile options for your agency, please click here.