Preparing Your State Agency for Disaster Response

Local and State agency preparedness for natural and terrorist disasters is key to the survival and quick recovery of communities and economies. When these agencies have effective disaster response programs and measures in place, they can ensure the long-term sustainability and safety of these communities.

In preparing your state agency or local government for effective natural disaster response, several key factors are critical. Rapid response, fully-equipped facilities, and extended, diverse provisions for service and care are all vital to the effectiveness of your disaster response program.

The speed at which your agency can deliver, erect, and open mobile field hospitals and portable medical facilities for treatment of disaster victims is paramount. With rapidly deployable structures and systems, your agency can offer timely medical care and treatment that will save lives and support the needs of a devastated community.

In the case of a natural disaster or an act of terrorism, there will be little time to equip your community with the appropriate treatment technology, equipment and other resources to effectively respond. This is why it is necessary for your disaster response program to include fully-equipped systems and structures.

You may need facilities for intensive care and triage, or perhaps for temporary housing for victim recovery or shelter. Therefore, your preparedness program in the event of an act of terrorism or natural disaster must include structures that can offer diverse use and provisions for all kinds of needs.

BLU-MED Response Systems® can support these and other needs for portable medical facilities, mobile field hospitals, and transportable treatment centers. With rapidly deployable systems, medical facilities that are fully-equipped to support any needs for medical treatment and care, and provisions for everything from temporary housing to surgery and intensive care, BLU-MED is a strong choice for your state agency’s disaster response program. Contact us to learn more about our systems, or call 1-888-680-7181 for information.

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