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BLU-MED’s latest advancement in disaster and emergency response gives government agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), cities, municipalities, hospitals, emergency management services, and first responders the capability to quickly respond to disasters and humanitarian crises around the world, with the most rapidly deployable medical shelters and response packages available.



The BLU-MED XP Medical Shelter System is the culmination of decades of proven design and engineering expertise. At 20’ wide, and available in a variety of lengths, with a peak height of 10’, the modular design of the BLU-MED XP Medical Shelter System enables rapid deployment to any location and a complete setup within 15 minutes, providing life-saving medical treatment …when and where needed™ most.

The revolutionary design of the hinged arches, single weatherproof cover, high-strength components, as well as the ability to setup and securely anchor onto virtually any level surface, combined with the lightweight and compact design of the BLU-MED XP Medical Shelter System allow BLU-MED medical facilities to be deployed to locations where medical services, hospital surge facilities, or an alternate Emergency Operations Center (EOC) may be urgently needed.

Man-portable carry bags as well as reusable roto-mold containers with forklift handling provisions facilitate mobility. BLU-MED mobile medical facilities can be transported via fixed or rotary wing aircraft, ship, truck, or train. A 2,600 square foot facility consisting of four BLU-MED 20’ x 32.5’ XP Medical Shelters can be stacked on a single standard 463L aircraft pallet (stacked 2 high and 2 wide).

Optional vestibules and shelter extensions allow the XP Medical Shelter System to be complexed to create mobile hospital configurations providing a large number of inpatient beds and specialized care.

For environments with extreme heat or cold conditions, BLU-MED’s ECU (Environmental Control Unit) will maintain a comfortable interior temperature for patient care under ambient temperatures ranging from 125˚F to -10˚F.

Exterior emergency response fabric structure
XP emergency response package
Interior of a BLU-MED XP Response Package medical shelter
XP Response Package 7' x 14' trailer towable by SUV exterior

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