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Medical Shelters for Temporary Vaccination Sites

The United States is still very much in the midst of the pandemic stemming from COVID-19. Hospitals remain overwhelmed and healthcare workers overworked. We’ve all heard hospitals announce they are out of beds, meaning they simply cannot receive any new patients. Elective surgeries have at times come to a halt. 

This is a heartbreaking and troubling time for healthcare professionals.

Yet our healthcare workers continue to battle the influx of coronavirus patients. Thus, these workers are putting themselves at risk every time they clock into work.

The vaccination rollout is compounding the already stressful situation. The new dilemma is where to administer vaccines. Hospitals are to the brim of capacity while trying to contain this contagious airborne disease. It is understandable that allowing the rest of the population into the hospital for vaccinations is a troubling obstacle.

To protect patients and healthcare workers, temporary COVID-19 vaccination sites have been popping up with varying degrees of criticism and praise.

Done correctly, temporary walk-up coronavirus vaccination sites have made it possible for healthcare workers to administer more vaccines to more people. Portable fabric structures, like medical shelters from BLU-MED Response Systems® ensure safe and clean environments conducive to providing care in any climate for short durations or extended periods of time.

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What Are The Advantages of Temporary Vaccination Sites?

As healthcare professionals can attest, there are many advantages to temporary vaccination sites. By increasing vaccination rates, we as a country can more quickly move past the strain COVID-19 has put on our lives. 

Customizable Vaccination Sites

Fully customizable fabric structures can have drastic advantages to your temporary vaccination site. Having the ability to custom-design a vaccination site and create as many spaces as needed, teams can keep processes running smoothly. 

Customizable options include necessary lighting and HVAC options, bathroom facilities, privacy curtains, hospital beds, chairs, and more.

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Rapidly Deployable Medical Shelters to Quickly Administer Vaccinations

The ability to deploy fabric structures with short notice is extremely advantageous. This is especially true when it comes to quickly creating walk-up vaccination stations using rapidly deployable medical shelters from BLU-MED to help end the coronavirus pandemic. 

When a new round of vaccinations arrive, hospitals don’t need to waste any time trying to figure out how and where they will be administered. Instead, medical shelters can be set up in a short period of time. 

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Fabric Structures Can Withstand Adverse Weather Conditions

For those in the market for temporary buildings, fabric structures heavily outweigh competing structures. 

The fabric membranes create a weatherproof and protected space that is long-lasting and reusable. A high-strength metal frame creates a durable structure that is able to withstand adverse weather conditions. Combined, a tensioned fabric structure is a superior choice when considering other instant structures like pop-up canopies that are easily damaged in high-winds, other prefabricated buildings, as well as container facilities that require heavy machinery to put in place.

BLU-MED medical shelters are engineered to meet specific wind and snow loads. The ability to quickly deploy and create additional space designed for safety and where advanced medical care, as well as performing vaccinations for COVID-19 can be performed means you will not have to worry about adverse weather conditions interrupting operations. 

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BLUE-MED Medical Shelters 

Whether you are waiting for your next round of vaccines or struggling with your medical office’s current vaccination process, consider the benefits of setting up a vaccination site using medical shelters from BLU-MED.

Your office will be able to carry on with patient care and all other duties without disruption. There will be no need to worry about transporting vaccines from your office to the temporary site if it’s just outside in the parking lot. If an administered vaccine does cause worrisome side effects, that patient can be cared for in the fabric structure or easily transported to your permanent facility. 

Are you ready to set up your temporary vaccination site for success? 

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